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Theodorou Island-Glaronisi island

Thodorou is called the small island opposite Platanias, in the middle of the bay. If you go up Ano Platanias and look at Thodorou, they will remind you of a huge turtle with its mouth open, as if it were going to attack or bite. The island, which covers an area of 697 acres, is today called Saint Theodore or Thodorou, but has changed many names throughout its history. We have to say here that when referring to Chania in Chania, they use the plural and always say "Thodorou". Probably because besides the big island there is a very small one beside it, Glaraki, so the inhabitants are mentioned in 2 with the name Thodorou. One point of interest is the debris that lies in front of the island and in the sea and comes from the Ju52 that had landed in the area during the Battle of Crete. After the war, the plane collapsed, leaving small parts of the aircraft left in the wide area.

Gallery of Thodorou Island

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Chania Cruise at Menies Bay

At the northeast end of Akrotiri Rodopou, 45 km from Chania, lies the stunning Menies beach, also called Dikninas. It is a secluded beach with pebbles and deep blue waters. It is not affected by the winds of the area and is an ideal destination for relaxation, far away from the urban centers.

Gallery of Menies beach

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